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3PhaseFootball is everything Triple Option


The whole reason the Fumble Pro was invented can be traced back to the Triple Option. Co-founder Matt Hall was the B-back in a triple option offense at the Naval Academy, but he suffered from a fumbling problem. As you can imagine, fumbling was not tolerated and it hurt Matt’s career. So when Matt started coaching he was determined that his players wouldn’t suffer the same fate. He partnered with an aerospace engineer and together they invented the Fumble Pro.

So when 3PhaseFootball reached out to us and said they wanted to partner with us we were ecstatic! 3PhaseFootball are the ambassadors for the Triple Option. They provide the perfect way for coaches from all over the country to share thoughts and ideas on the Triple Option. They even hold a weekly chat called “Mesh Point Monday”.

The opportunity to help improve ball security for teams running the triple option is something that is very near and dear to Matt’s heart, so we really look forward to working with 3PhaseFootball and participating in Mesh Point Monday (#meshpoint).

Check out www.3phasefootball.net, and follow them on Twitter @3phasefootball so you too can learn more about the greatest offense in football!