Awesome Football Stadium Technology

houston texas stadium

Stadiums today are packed with not only thousands of people but lots of interesting, amazing and innovative tech. From the gigantic scoreboards and moving roofs to ordering food without missing the game there is a lot to talk about when it comes to football stadiums and their recent technological advances.

Super Scoreboard

If you didn’t already know that everything is bigger in Texas then it is time to compare your favorite team’s scoreboard to the Houston Texan’s board. In 2009, the Cowboy’s revealed their gigantic 53 foot tall and 277 foot wide (Boeing 787 Dreamliner wingspan is 197 foot) resulting in 14,500 square feet of sweet sweet display.

Waiter in your pocket

No fan wants to miss a touchdown or amazing play while you are out getting nachos. College and NFL stadiums now have mobile apps that allow you to order food from your seat. The high-rollers in the high-value seats can have the food delivered to them, while the rest of us still gotta go pick it up at a designated place. But hey, they still beats walking over, waiting, waiting some more, ordering, waiting again and finally getting elbowed and partially dropping some of it on your way back. Some stadiums will even text you when it is ready so you can get back to the game quickly.

The Cardinal’s Rolling Field

The NFL Cardinal’s field featured real green grass but retractable glass ceilings don’t let in enough light for the grass to grow healthy and strong. So one day someone decided well “we could just move the stadium over between games.” The playing field sits in a tray of about  2 acres, 39 inches deep with grass and irrigation/drainage rolls. This tray sits on a 16-rail track with 546 steel wheels that can slide out an opening on the south side of the stadium putting the grass out in the sun to grow. It takes about 75 minutes for this process to happen moving at 1/8 mph.

Colts got it covered

The most impressive retractable roof resides in Indianapolis Lucas Oil Stadium where the Colts play. The roof was the first of it’s kind to open sideline-to-sideline. When open the Colts play under a 176,400 square foot opening. It takes 10 minutes for 132 electric motors to run 16 cable drums to rotate and pull the two 6 million pound, 760 foot long covers.