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Developing Your Body Like A Football Player

Developing Your Body Like A Football Player

A football player must develop his body depending on the position he plays. He can be lean if he plays running back to guarantee his speed on the field or he can be muscular if he plays as a linemen if he wants to overpower his opponents easily.  Football is a very physical and full-contact sport which is why you need to develop a body that will allow you to survive in this physically-demanding sport. You need to build a body that has strength, muscle and agility if you want to improve on this sport. If you have such kind of a body, you’ll be able to block players, struggle your way through your opponents and break tackles, all with ease. Developing the body is a crucial part of the development of an athlete not just in football but in any sport as well. You just don’t need to develop a body that’s perfectly suited for the sport you belong to but you need to also maintain it if you want your physical presence and performance to continue throughout your career.

Here’s how you can develop your body just like a football player:
  1. Do weight lifting at least four times a week. Many football players put a lot of emphasis into weight lifting, especially during off-season. This is the perfect time for a football player to increase their muscle mass as preparation for the upcoming season. You can try doing full-body lifts like bench press. Bench press uses multiple muscle groups in your body like your shoulders, back, arms and pectorals. You can also try doing deadlifts, jump squats, power cleans, and snatches to work out every muscle in your body. Just make sure to let your body recover for at least 24 hours before you do weight exercises again.
  1. Make use of plyometric exercises for developing your core strength and for more power. This is an important thing to do if you want to overpower your opponents. By developing your core muscles, you can increase your muscular power when you want to deliver tackles or to break them. You can do box jumps, skipping, bounding and long jumps. Just make sure to exaggerate all your movements when doing these exercises. For example, if you are doing skipping, make sure to drive your knee as high as you can.
  1. Perform sprinting and agility drills to improve your speed, agility and precision. To develop speed, you can set some cones at different distances and dash from the starting line to the cones and then back again. To develop agility, you can try using an agility ladder to practice your coordination. You can start by doing a simple in-and-out ladder drill and then work your way to an advanced maneuver that makes use of the spaces between the rungs and the outside of the ladder if you to make your reaction times faster.
  1. It’s also important that you give your body enough recovery time. Your muscles will not develop during your exercises. They will only develop when they get to have recovery time. Exercises will only break down your muscles but allowing your body to rest will make the muscles become stronger. Your body will become muscular as you give it enough time to recover. You should get plenty of rest aside from doing exercises. You must also avoid over training if you don’t want to get injured.
  1. Increase your protein intake. Your diet must be rich in protein if you want to develop your muscles. Protein is the essential fuel for the development of your muscles. Try to increase your protein take without having to limit yourself from other important food groups. Eating properly will ensure your physical fitness and your overall health as football player in the long run.

Getting Rid of Soreness Before A Game

Getting Rid of Soreness Before A Game

Muscle soreness is a common result of regular training especially overtraining for a particular sport. This is mainly due to the microscopic tears in the muscle fibers. The body should be allowed to rest for at least 48 hours before resuming any heavy physical activity, like participating in a game, to help avoid muscle soreness. However, the typical 48 hours of recovery is usually not met because of the game’s tight schedule. If you are feeling mild soreness or stiffness, this can still be relieved by doing some warm ups. Warm ups that can activate your muscles and get your blood circulation going will help reduce the tightness in your body. They can loosen up your muscles and prepare them for the physical activity that you are going to participate.

Here’s how to get rid of muscle soreness before going to a game:
  1. Make sure to warm up for about 30 minutes before a game starts. You have to begin your warm up routine very slowly and then increase the pace of your routine gradually as you feel the temperature of your body has risen up and your soreness begins to lessen. Don’t do any intense movements that may result to fatigue for your body.
  1. Do warm up exercises that matches with the movements of the sport you are playing. Doing warm up exercises that matches the movements of the sport you belong to will help in activating your muscle memory and in preparing you for the game. If for example, you are playing football, you can do some running or practice your passing routines.
  1. Be sure to start arming up with at least 10 minute of light cardio exercises. You can do light jogging or cycling if your sport relies primarily on your lower body. But if you full-body sports like basketball, you can use elliptical trainer the one with a moving arm handle. You can also try doing shadow boxing if you want to practice your hand-eye coordination.
  1. Make sure to perform static stretches for at least a few minutes after finishing your cardio exercises. Focus on the muscles that you feel some tightness and then stretch it slowly as to avoid over stretching it.
  1. Spend at least 5 minutes doing some movements in your sport without using any equipment. For example, baseball, you can practice your batting or pitching motion.
  1. Use the equipment you use in your sport for the remaining 10 minutes of your warm up routine.

Doing these exercises should be able to alleviate the soreness you feel before a game. By doing so, you’ll be able to play better and help reduce the risk of getting injuries.

Weight Training Exercises

Weight Training Exercises for Athletes

As an athlete you need to have a physically fit body for optimal performance in your sporting activities. Weight training exercises will help you get a physically fit body while getting power, speed, size and durability.


This is an exercise that is sure to eliminate all the useless fats in your body. Just make sure that you start doing the required 10 reps and master it before you start doing more.

Barbell Bench Press

This exercise will push you to the limit. It’s an exercise that will require you to your arms, chest, and shoulders on a consistent manner. And the more you use your arms, chest and shoulders the more calories you can burn.

Barbell Lunge

One of the best ways to get rid of your body fats is to push yourself to the limit. Barbell lunge is a good form of exercise that will push your body to the limit. Do 12-15 lunges for each of your leg and try pushing your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes beyond their limitations. It might hurt a lot but doing this exercise will definitely boost your metabolism rate to another level.

Bent Over Rows

Rowing is effective for burning all the fats in your body since it requires you to use all the muscles in your body.


This is a simple exercise that will keep your heart rate going while burning your body fats at the same time.


Bastards as it name suggests is a brutal form of exercise that leave your body completely exhausted while you are in the gym. It may exhaust you every time you do it but its body fat burning ability is undeniable. You are sure to burn fats from all over your body since it requires you to use your legs, shoulders, abs, arms, and chest all at the same time.

Barbell Squats

This exercise will require you to use a lot of your energy and a lot of muscle groups just to pull it off. This is also far effective in burning calories than its counterpart, leg press.

Clean and Press

This is an exercise that optimizes your hormone levels to get rid of the body fats.

Push ups

This simple exercise will only require focus and determination to pull it off. It all depends on how far are you willing to use your arms, shoulders, chest and lats at the same time. It’s a good form exercise which requires you to use multiple muscle groups to burn calories.

Barbell Roll Outs

This is an intense and brutal exercise that is sure to keep your body fats melting.

Barbell Bulgarian Split Squat

This is a good exercise for stabilizing your muscles in your lower body and for burning fats. In fact, it’s one of the fastest way to burn fats in your lower body.

Extreme Drills Part 6 – Endurance and Conditioning

Extreme Drills Part 6 - Endurance and Conditioning

Here are some extreme drills that will help you become a complete athlete. This is part 6 of the extreme drills series which talks specifically about improving the level of endurance and conditioning of an athlete.

Treadmill Fitness Test

This is an ideal conditioning test that will help you in measuring your current level of endurance. By taking this test at least once a month, you will be able to monitor your progress and determine whether the workouts you’ve been doing are effective or not. A conditioning test helps you measure your level of endurance. Every athlete should be able to finish this test in just 10 minutes for them to be considered as having an elite endurance.

  • Set the treadmill at 10 mph.
  • Run for as long as you can.
  • Just get off the treadmill when you are already tired or fatigued.
  • Try doing this once in every months.

Tempo Runs

Tempo runs are different from sprints. They are designed for conditioning an athlete’s body and are also good for measuring the level of endurance of an athlete.

  • Place two cones far apart each other, but make sure that you leave a space of at least 10 right after the second cone.
  • Now, try running from the first cone to second one by using 70-80% of your total speed.
  • Walk back to the first cone to start again.
  • Repeat this drill for 10 minutes.

Treadmill Tempo Runs

You can also do tempo run on a treadmill if you have one. You just have to set the incline of the treadmill at a 2-percent grade.

  • Set the incline of the treadmill at a 2-percent grade.
  • Try to sprint by using only 70-80% of your maximum speed.
  • Be sure to that you follow a smooth sprint motor pattern.
  • Set the speed at 8 miles mph at first and gradually improve it as your fitness and endurance also improves.
  • Increase the number of sets you do by 2 every week.

Extreme Drills Part 5 – Partner Edition

partner bench press extreme drills

Here are just a few of the extreme, endurance and agility building drills that will help make you a better athlete. This is part 5 of the series with drills 13-15 this part is all about partnering up and doing extreme drills with a buddy! More to come soon!

partner deadlift extreme drillsExtreme Drills #13: Partner Deadlift

With your partner in the upright push up position,while facing the opposite direction as them stand between their legs. Now squat down with your chest up and your shoulders over your knees and grab their ankles and stand straight up keeping your arms locked.

Extreme Drills #14: Partner Front Squat

Start with your partner in the push up position again. Place your partner’s ankles on your shoulders and begin doing squats using their weight as resistance.

Extreme Drills #15: Partner Bench Press

Have your partner in the push up position again and lay down on your back so that your head is between their feet. Grab their ankles and lift them away from your chest until your arms are straightened out. Then lower your hands until they touch your shoulders.

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Best Stretches Before Football Practice

best stretches to warm up football practice

Stretching gets the body ready for the workout you are about to start. Stretching is most important before starting football practice. Not stretching can lead to injury. Here are the best stretches to do 10 reps of before you start practicing!

  • Walking Knee Hugs: This will stretch your hips and glutes. Get on your toes for each hug to stretch your calf muscles and help improve your balance.
  • Dynamic Lunge with Rotation: This will stretch and open up your hips and increase t-spine mobility. This stretch will help increase mobility for better sprinting and reduces injuries. This will also keep your t-spine from locking up, when it locks up and cannot rotate correctly your lower back will rotate instead which could cause injury.
  • Inverted Hamstring: This stretch activates your glutes and warms up your hamstrings.
  • Hip Rotations: This stretch keeps your legs and hips stable.
  • Lateral Lunges: This stretch activates the gluteus medius or the “side butt.” Commonly overlooked, when this muscle is weak knee injury is more likely.
  • Backward Skips: Engages your glutes. Important for sprinting power and reduces the rick of a hamstring injury. You can also swing your arms back loosely to increase mobility in the shoulders.
  • Inchworms: Activates and stretches the core, abs, back and hips for sprinting. The key is to keep your back and hips straight, never let your hips sway. Not a fun drill but well worth it for sprinters. It will maintain a tight core that will keep a sprinter from losing energy while running.
  • A-Runs: To increase range of motion while sprinting. You can also do the Carioca for more lateral movements.
  • Backward Lunge Reach and Twist: Keeps the quads and the muscle in the front of the hip that goes to the abdomen stretched. This also increases hip, shoulder and T-spine mobility.
  • Backpedal: Helps engage the glutes and works athletic stance. Very important for linebackers and defensive backs.

Extreme Drills Part 4

weighted squats drills

Here are just a few of the extreme, endurance and agility building drills that will help make you a better athlete. This is part 4 of the series with drills 10-12. More to come soon!

Extreme Drills #10: Weighted Squat

Weighted squats will workout your quadriceps and hamstrings much harder than just regular squats. Place weight on a dip belt around your waist. Step up onto boxes or benches spaced apart; one foot on each one. Arms can be extended forward for balance throughout the exercise. Squat down until your thighs are just past parallel to the floor. Extend your knees and hips until legs are straight. Return and repeat.

Extreme Drills #11: Vertical Jump

The vertical jump is all about lower-body explosion and power. The athlete stands flat-footed and they measure his reach. It is important to accurately measure the reach, because the differential between the reach and the flag the athlete touches is his vertical jump measurement.

russian twists drills

Extreme Drills #12: Russian Twists

Sit on the ground with your knees bent and your heels just off the floor. Holding a med ball at chest level, rotate left and touch the ball to the floor. Rotate right and touch the ball to the floor. Repeat in a controlled manner for specified reps. A strong core is key for increasing throwing velocity of QBs and also helps you better absorb bone-crunching hits from tackles.

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Extreme Drills Part 3

Here are just a few of the extreme, endurance and agility building drills that will help make you a better athlete. This is part 3 of the series with drills 7-9. More to come soon!

Extreme Drills #7: Uphill Speed Ladder

Going uphill makes your muscles work harder than they would if you were just on a flat surface and you will get much more out of it. Start in front of the ladder at the bottom of a hill. Starting with your left foot, rapidly tap both feet in each rung of the ladder until you reach the top.

Extreme Drills #8: Chain Push-up

Assume push-up position with heavy chains positioned across your lower back. Do controlled push-ups for as many reps as possible. The chain not only adds more weight to the movement, it also forces you to engage your core muscles. As you push up, more and more of the chain lift off the ground, increasing the resistance.

db swing drills

Extreme Drills #9: DB Swing

Don’t have a Kettle Bell? Use a DB. Squat down, lean forward at 45 degrees, thrust hips forward to swing up DB to forehead level and repeat.

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Extreme Drills Part 2

Here are just a few of the extreme, endurance and agility building drills that will help make you a better athlete. This is part 2 of the series with drills 4-6. More to come soon!

Extreme Drills #4: Core Sled Pulls & Pushes

This movement will light your core, biceps, & back on fire! From a plank position pull the sled to you with one arm. Once you’ve completed this exercise, push the sled back, and start over with the other arm. Repeat 4 times each arm. Alright Hulk, If this is easy for you add some weight to the sled.

Extreme Drills #5: Tire Flips

Linebackers need a lot of explosive power to be able to drive into another linebacker and push him over. How do you prepare yourself for pushing a 250 pound person who has been training to take YOU down? You flip a 900 pound tire. Driving with your legs and pushing until it flips. Make sure you don’t lift with you biceps!

5-10-5 drillsExtreme Drills #6: Pro Agility Cone Drill or 5-10-5

Agility isn’t a natural ability, it is a trained. Agility is important on the field because without good agility it you are a sitting duck on the field. The 5-10-5 builds your agility by teaching you to accelerate, stop, change direction and repeat. How many can you do before your legs stop?

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Extreme Drills Part 1

Here are just a few of the extreme, endurance and agility building drills that will help make you a better athlete. This is part 1 of the series with drills 1-3. More to come soon!

Extreme Drills #1: Monkey Rolls

This is a staple of football conditioning that teaches players to forget their aversion to hitting the ground while building agility and stamina. That being said, they really suck for any amount of time. Three players form a unit, all laying on the ground. The middle player rolls toward one of the players on the side, who must jump up and over, continue rolling into the next guy, who jumps up and over, and the whole dreadful process is repeated until coach remembers to blow his whistle.

Extreme Drills #2: 50 40s

Alright, no big deal. Just run to the 40 yard line and back 25 times. Once you have made it to the 3rd set or so you might consider crunching the numbers and realize that is 2000 yards (little under 1.14 miles). There isn’t much left of you after sprinting that long.

Extreme Drills #3: Reverse Karaoke

extreme drills ladder drillSome people may have found this easy but for those of you who knew what it was like to trip over yourself in front of your team and coaches knew how demoralizing it was. This Ladder drill was used to get WRs and DBs to open up their hip and increase agility.