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3PhaseFootball is everything Triple Option


The whole reason the Fumble Pro was invented can be traced back to the Triple Option. Co-founder Matt Hall was the B-back in a triple option offense at the Naval Academy, but he suffered from a fumbling problem. As you can imagine, fumbling was not tolerated and it hurt Matt’s career. So when Matt started coaching he was determined that his players wouldn’t suffer the same fate. He partnered with an aerospace engineer and together they invented the Fumble Pro.

So when 3PhaseFootball reached out to us and said they wanted to partner with us we were ecstatic! 3PhaseFootball are the ambassadors for the Triple Option. They provide the perfect way for coaches from all over the country to share thoughts and ideas on the Triple Option. They even hold a weekly chat called “Mesh Point Monday”.

The opportunity to help improve ball security for teams running the triple option is something that is very near and dear to Matt’s heart, so we really look forward to working with 3PhaseFootball and participating in Mesh Point Monday (#meshpoint).

Check out www.3phasefootball.net, and follow them on Twitter @3phasefootball so you too can learn more about the greatest offense in football!

Sports Safety for Your Kids

Sports Safety for Your Kids

Always tell your kids to warm up and cool down.

Warm-ups and cool-downs should be a regular part of your child’s routine, regardless of the sport he or she participates in. Let your child know the importance and benefits they can get from stretching and light jogging. Doing warm-ups will help minimize the risk of muscle strains or soft tissue injuries. You must let your kids to do warm-ups before playing so they can become loose and feel flexible. Warming up also makes your kid’s body ready for the extra stress.

Protection from heat.

Kids are prone to dehydration and heat sickness especially for those who are engaged in outdoor sports. Kids must always wear sunscreen as protection from heat. They must also eat properly so they can have enough fuel for their bodies and must be hydrated water or sports drinks that are good for their age.

Must have a proper equipment.

Kids must always a protective equipment during their sports activities. This will ensure their safety as they compete and engage in various sporting activities. However, most child athletic programs don’t have enough protective equipment. Not all athletic clubs are capable of giving each kid proper equipment. If you know that your kid belongs to a sport, make sure that you can provide all the necessary protective gear the child needs. Important safety gears usually include helmets, mouth guards, goggles, padding, supportive shoes, and safety harnesses.

Teach your kid the proper techniques.

You have to teach the proper techniques of the sport they belong to. This is usually the coach’s job but you can’t rely completely on volunteer coaches of child athletic programs because they may not experts in child coaching techniques. You can teach your kid the basic sports skills and techniques so that they can play better. Teaching them the basics will help reduce the risk of injuries since they know how to play the sport properly. You should also teach your kid to be a good sport, winning or losing.

Cross-training programs.

Kids are recommended to go through cross-training programs like stretching balancing drills, weight training and jumping to help reduce the risk of injuries. Cross-training programs aims to develop the strength and endurance of the heart and lungs of the kids especially if they are into sports like soccer, tennis, basketball, and football.

Neuromuscular training.

Neuromuscular training is extremely recommended for child athletes to help reduce the risk of ACL injuries. The training will involve the proper jumping and landing that will strengthen the legs and decrease the amount of impact on the knees. If your kid plays for football, soccer and basketball, it is more important that you teach them neuromuscular training.

You have to think about the safety of your kids as they turn to sports. By doing so, you can help a better athletic career for him/her in the future. By promoting the sports safety of your kids, you can prevent any injury to happen to them which might affect their athletic career in the future.

Common Football Injuries

Common American Football Sports Injuries

American football is among the most played and watched sports by many people of all of ages in U.S. As a result, the number of people getting injured because of playing football is also huge. There are a lot of sports injuries related to football that can happen to anyone who is playing football. Some of them can be easily prevented since they are very common while others are serious.

Here are some of the most common sports injuries that can happen in football.

Overuse Injuries

A common overuse injury is the overall back pain. Back pains can result from over training. Rest is also an important part in an athlete’s life. You have to give your body enough time to rest and must not over train. Football players usually suffers from back pains and knee pains because they constantly train their bodies without taking enough time to rest.


This is the most common injury in American football. Concussions usually happen because of a traumatic impact. If you feel headache, drowsiness, dizziness, loss of balance, blurry vision, nausea, numbness or have a difficult time concentrating, then it’s most likely that you have a concussion. Concussions can become a serious injury if you don’t give it proper treatment.

Heat Injuries

Heat injuries are common in many American football training camps. Since most training camps usually happen during summer, athletes who undergo intense physical training will suffer from cramping due to sweating too much. Heat injuries can also lead to heat stroke or heat exhaustion, it can also lead to death if they are not treated immediately.

Traumatic Injuries

Knee injuries are also common in American football. Knee injuries can affect the athletic career of a football player if they are left untreated. These injuries tend to happen in football players because of the constant strain to their knees due to cutting motions and the surfaces they played on. Ankles sprains and shoulder injuries are also common in football too, particularly for the offensive and defensive linemen.

To help prevent the common sports injuries mentioned above, you may want to try to follow the tips below.

  • Make sure that you perform warm-up exercises before you play and cool-down routines after playing.
  • Do stretching and strength training on a consistent basis to help develop more muscle strength which is important in football.
  • Be sure to hydrate your body especially if you have intense training methods to help minimize cramps and to maintain your health.
  • Make sure that you always stay active with the sport by doing some simple exercises during summer break to help you become prepared when you return to the sport in the fall.
  • Always wear safety gears such as mouth guard, pads, and helmet.
  • Don’t tackle somebody with the use of your helmet.
  • You must have a proper pre-season health and wellness evaluation.
  • Speak with your team’s athletic trainer or a professional about any injury concerns or injury prevention strategies.

Weight Training Exercises

Weight Training Exercises for Athletes

As an athlete you need to have a physically fit body for optimal performance in your sporting activities. Weight training exercises will help you get a physically fit body while getting power, speed, size and durability.


This is an exercise that is sure to eliminate all the useless fats in your body. Just make sure that you start doing the required 10 reps and master it before you start doing more.

Barbell Bench Press

This exercise will push you to the limit. It’s an exercise that will require you to your arms, chest, and shoulders on a consistent manner. And the more you use your arms, chest and shoulders the more calories you can burn.

Barbell Lunge

One of the best ways to get rid of your body fats is to push yourself to the limit. Barbell lunge is a good form of exercise that will push your body to the limit. Do 12-15 lunges for each of your leg and try pushing your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes beyond their limitations. It might hurt a lot but doing this exercise will definitely boost your metabolism rate to another level.

Bent Over Rows

Rowing is effective for burning all the fats in your body since it requires you to use all the muscles in your body.


This is a simple exercise that will keep your heart rate going while burning your body fats at the same time.


Bastards as it name suggests is a brutal form of exercise that leave your body completely exhausted while you are in the gym. It may exhaust you every time you do it but its body fat burning ability is undeniable. You are sure to burn fats from all over your body since it requires you to use your legs, shoulders, abs, arms, and chest all at the same time.

Barbell Squats

This exercise will require you to use a lot of your energy and a lot of muscle groups just to pull it off. This is also far effective in burning calories than its counterpart, leg press.

Clean and Press

This is an exercise that optimizes your hormone levels to get rid of the body fats.

Push ups

This simple exercise will only require focus and determination to pull it off. It all depends on how far are you willing to use your arms, shoulders, chest and lats at the same time. It’s a good form exercise which requires you to use multiple muscle groups to burn calories.

Barbell Roll Outs

This is an intense and brutal exercise that is sure to keep your body fats melting.

Barbell Bulgarian Split Squat

This is a good exercise for stabilizing your muscles in your lower body and for burning fats. In fact, it’s one of the fastest way to burn fats in your lower body.

Fumble Pro used by Carson Wentz on Gruden’s QB Camp

Fumble Pro used by Carson Wentz on Gruden's QB Camp

Last year at the Texas High School Coaches Association, I had the pleasure of meeting someone who works for the Fire Football Coaches Association (FFCA). The FFCA is a company that Super Bowl XXXVII Winning, Jon Gruden started after getting fired from Tampa Bay. It started out as a place fired football coaches could go and stay sharp by studying football. It has grown into a company dedicated to giving back to the game, with a specific emphasis on high school athletic programs.

Jon Gruden and Jimmy Smith from Fumble Pro

Super Bowl XXXVII Winning Coach Jon Gruden and Jimmy Smith from Fumble Pro

Well it turns out the person I met thought Gruden might want to use the Fumble Pro and the Fumble Pro Lite on his TV show Gruden’s QB Camp. So several months later I had the even greater pleasure of visiting Tampa and meeting Jon Gruden himself.

The first thing you notice when you walk into his office is the Chucky doll wearing a headset in the reception area. I guess he really does like the nickname! Then after a few minutes I was led back to meet Jon in person. As we got to a darkened room I saw Jon huddled over game film dissecting plays in a state of total concentration. After a minute or so he noticed we were there and he gave me a genuinely warm welcome. Well before I could say more than a sentence he literally turned to the white board and started diagramming a drill he wanted to run on his show (probably called Spider 2 Y Banana drill!) It was surreal. Here I am in a film room with Jon Gruden drawing plays on a white board and I have only know him less than 60 seconds!

It was finally time to show him the Fumble Pro, and I am very happy to say he loved it! He started thinking of ways to use the Fumble Pro right away! We decided that I would make some Fumble Pro Lites with the FFCA logo on them so he could use them on his TV show Gruden’s QB Camp. We even talked about something he could strike the QBs with that wouldn’t hurt them and we came up with pool noodles. Well, I am sure you have seen the clips of him chasing Wentz around with pool noodles, so I guess he liked the idea!

After that he was back to work and I was off to the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic in Orlando, but not before he gave me my very own Spider 2 Y Banana shirt.

Oh, and one last thing, he did use the Fumble Pro Lite on his TV show Gruden’s QB Camp with Carson Wentz! Carson Wentz is the number 2 overall NFL Draft pick! He wants Wentz to become a two-handed monster like Carson Palmer, and the Fumble Pro Lite is just the tool to make that happen!

Extreme Drills Part 6 – Endurance and Conditioning

Extreme Drills Part 6 - Endurance and Conditioning

Here are some extreme drills that will help you become a complete athlete. This is part 6 of the extreme drills series which talks specifically about improving the level of endurance and conditioning of an athlete.

Treadmill Fitness Test

This is an ideal conditioning test that will help you in measuring your current level of endurance. By taking this test at least once a month, you will be able to monitor your progress and determine whether the workouts you’ve been doing are effective or not. A conditioning test helps you measure your level of endurance. Every athlete should be able to finish this test in just 10 minutes for them to be considered as having an elite endurance.

  • Set the treadmill at 10 mph.
  • Run for as long as you can.
  • Just get off the treadmill when you are already tired or fatigued.
  • Try doing this once in every months.

Tempo Runs

Tempo runs are different from sprints. They are designed for conditioning an athlete’s body and are also good for measuring the level of endurance of an athlete.

  • Place two cones far apart each other, but make sure that you leave a space of at least 10 right after the second cone.
  • Now, try running from the first cone to second one by using 70-80% of your total speed.
  • Walk back to the first cone to start again.
  • Repeat this drill for 10 minutes.

Treadmill Tempo Runs

You can also do tempo run on a treadmill if you have one. You just have to set the incline of the treadmill at a 2-percent grade.

  • Set the incline of the treadmill at a 2-percent grade.
  • Try to sprint by using only 70-80% of your maximum speed.
  • Be sure to that you follow a smooth sprint motor pattern.
  • Set the speed at 8 miles mph at first and gradually improve it as your fitness and endurance also improves.
  • Increase the number of sets you do by 2 every week.

Easy Way to Get a Free FumblePro T-shirt


Fumble-Pro-Hold-On-To-Your-Balls-t-ShirtAll you have to do is submit a video (10 seconds or longer) of your team using the Fumble Pro or Fumble Pro Lite in a drill and we will send you a free “Hold On To Your Balls” t-shirt.

Just email us at Jennifer@FumblePro.com, or call us at 321-406-0556 if you have any questions!

*Offer valid while supplies last. Sizes Large, XL, and 2XL only. By submitting a video you are giving Innocept, LLC permission to use the video in several different medias including but not limited to social and print. You understand that these images/videos may be used on the Internet. You agree that Innocept, LLC may use these images/video with or without your name for any lawful purpose including marketing, advertising, illustration, and on the web.

Extreme Drills Part 5 – Partner Edition

partner bench press extreme drills

Here are just a few of the extreme, endurance and agility building drills that will help make you a better athlete. This is part 5 of the series with drills 13-15 this part is all about partnering up and doing extreme drills with a buddy! More to come soon!

partner deadlift extreme drillsExtreme Drills #13: Partner Deadlift

With your partner in the upright push up position,while facing the opposite direction as them stand between their legs. Now squat down with your chest up and your shoulders over your knees and grab their ankles and stand straight up keeping your arms locked.

Extreme Drills #14: Partner Front Squat

Start with your partner in the push up position again. Place your partner’s ankles on your shoulders and begin doing squats using their weight as resistance.

Extreme Drills #15: Partner Bench Press

Have your partner in the push up position again and lay down on your back so that your head is between their feet. Grab their ankles and lift them away from your chest until your arms are straightened out. Then lower your hands until they touch your shoulders.

Check out Part 4

Best Stretches Before Football Practice

best stretches to warm up football practice

Stretching gets the body ready for the workout you are about to start. Stretching is most important before starting football practice. Not stretching can lead to injury. Here are the best stretches to do 10 reps of before you start practicing!

  • Walking Knee Hugs: This will stretch your hips and glutes. Get on your toes for each hug to stretch your calf muscles and help improve your balance.
  • Dynamic Lunge with Rotation: This will stretch and open up your hips and increase t-spine mobility. This stretch will help increase mobility for better sprinting and reduces injuries. This will also keep your t-spine from locking up, when it locks up and cannot rotate correctly your lower back will rotate instead which could cause injury.
  • Inverted Hamstring: This stretch activates your glutes and warms up your hamstrings.
  • Hip Rotations: This stretch keeps your legs and hips stable.
  • Lateral Lunges: This stretch activates the gluteus medius or the “side butt.” Commonly overlooked, when this muscle is weak knee injury is more likely.
  • Backward Skips: Engages your glutes. Important for sprinting power and reduces the rick of a hamstring injury. You can also swing your arms back loosely to increase mobility in the shoulders.
  • Inchworms: Activates and stretches the core, abs, back and hips for sprinting. The key is to keep your back and hips straight, never let your hips sway. Not a fun drill but well worth it for sprinters. It will maintain a tight core that will keep a sprinter from losing energy while running.
  • A-Runs: To increase range of motion while sprinting. You can also do the Carioca for more lateral movements.
  • Backward Lunge Reach and Twist: Keeps the quads and the muscle in the front of the hip that goes to the abdomen stretched. This also increases hip, shoulder and T-spine mobility.
  • Backpedal: Helps engage the glutes and works athletic stance. Very important for linebackers and defensive backs.

The Origin of Pro Football

the origin of football

On November 12, 1892 the origin of professional football began. It was the day that the Allegheny Athletic Association football team defeated the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. No one knew at the time that the this game would have such a big impact on football. The game itself was not a big event it was that one of the players, William (Pudge) Heffelfinger, was openly paid $500 to play the game. This marked the first professional football player in history. This means professional football began over 100 years ago with no indication of the popularity the sport would have in the future.

At the time the Pittsburgh Athletic Club believed that something illegal was afoot but had no evidence that the Allegheny Athletic Association had abandoned the standard practices by actually paying players to play. Verification of this didn’t become public for another 80 years when the Pro Football Hall of Fame got a document of expenses from the Allegheny Athletic Association that had clearly listed “game performance bonus to W. Heffelfinger for playing (cash) $500.” While it was possible for other players to have been paid before 1892, the AAA expense sheet provides the first irrefutable evidence of an out-and-out cash payment. This expense sheet is commonly referred to as the birth certificate of professional football.