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Fumble Pro used by Carson Wentz on Gruden’s QB Camp

Fumble Pro used by Carson Wentz on Gruden's QB Camp

Last year at the Texas High School Coaches Association, I had the pleasure of meeting someone who works for the Fire Football Coaches Association (FFCA). The FFCA is a company that Super Bowl XXXVII Winning, Jon Gruden started after getting fired from Tampa Bay. It started out as a place fired football coaches could go and stay sharp by studying football. It has grown into a company dedicated to giving back to the game, with a specific emphasis on high school athletic programs.

Jon Gruden and Jimmy Smith from Fumble Pro

Super Bowl XXXVII Winning Coach Jon Gruden and Jimmy Smith from Fumble Pro

Well it turns out the person I met thought Gruden might want to use the Fumble Pro and the Fumble Pro Lite on his TV show Gruden’s QB Camp. So several months later I had the even greater pleasure of visiting Tampa and meeting Jon Gruden himself.

The first thing you notice when you walk into his office is the Chucky doll wearing a headset in the reception area. I guess he really does like the nickname! Then after a few minutes I was led back to meet Jon in person. As we got to a darkened room I saw Jon huddled over game film dissecting plays in a state of total concentration. After a minute or so he noticed we were there and he gave me a genuinely warm welcome. Well before I could say more than a sentence he literally turned to the white board and started diagramming a drill he wanted to run on his show (probably called Spider 2 Y Banana drill!) It was surreal. Here I am in a film room with Jon Gruden drawing plays on a white board and I have only know him less than 60 seconds!

It was finally time to show him the Fumble Pro, and I am very happy to say he loved it! He started thinking of ways to use the Fumble Pro right away! We decided that I would make some Fumble Pro Lites with the FFCA logo on them so he could use them on his TV show Gruden’s QB Camp. We even talked about something he could strike the QBs with that wouldn’t hurt them and we came up with pool noodles. Well, I am sure you have seen the clips of him chasing Wentz around with pool noodles, so I guess he liked the idea!

After that he was back to work and I was off to the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic in Orlando, but not before he gave me my very own Spider 2 Y Banana shirt.

Oh, and one last thing, he did use the Fumble Pro Lite on his TV show Gruden’s QB Camp with Carson Wentz! Carson Wentz is the number 2 overall NFL Draft pick! He wants Wentz to become a two-handed monster like Carson Palmer, and the Fumble Pro Lite is just the tool to make that happen!

Easy Way to Get a Free FumblePro T-shirt


Fumble-Pro-Hold-On-To-Your-Balls-t-ShirtAll you have to do is submit a video (10 seconds or longer) of your team using the Fumble Pro or Fumble Pro Lite in a drill and we will send you a free “Hold On To Your Balls” t-shirt.

Just email us at Jennifer@FumblePro.com, or call us at 321-406-0556 if you have any questions!

*Offer valid while supplies last. Sizes Large, XL, and 2XL only. By submitting a video you are giving Innocept, LLC permission to use the video in several different medias including but not limited to social and print. You understand that these images/videos may be used on the Internet. You agree that Innocept, LLC may use these images/video with or without your name for any lawful purpose including marketing, advertising, illustration, and on the web.

No Helmets During Practice Equals No Concussions?

tackle Concussions helmets

Could football practice without helmets help prevent concussions?

A new study as found that practicing without helmets could actually lower the amount of concussions. It may sound counter intuitive but the idea behind it is actually so that during practice players will be much less likely to use their head as a weapon. Practice without a helmet can teach the players to be more cautious with their heads. With the technology of helmets getting more and more sophisticated, players could feel better about being risky with their head, because they feel protected. The study believes that players who practice without helmets will not feel protected under a helmet so they will learn to avoid getting their head injured and overtime will develop muscle memory that will reduce the amount of head impacts they get during a game. Currently, the study is limited though. The study is unable to provide data supporting that practice without helmets reduces the amount of head impacts throughout a season.

Gatorade is Recording Hydration in Real Time

gatorade tracking hydration

How Gatorade Plans To Reinvent Sports Drinks—Again

Gatorade has made a new product they call the “smart cap” which allows coaches to track their player’s hydration levels during practice and games! Every ‘smart cap” is digitally linked to a player. Using an app to see how much the player sweats during practice, how much sodium the player loses, and how much they need to drink to keep their body at optimal performance. Every “smart cap” is filled with a drink formula that matches a player’s specific sweat type. A chip and a small turbine in the spout measure how much he takes in a sip. There are LED lights on the cap that help the player pace their drinking, showing them if they need more or less to keep on target.

gatorade tracking hydration with new smart cap technology

  1. Customized top: Personalized cap with player name, number, team color, and logo.
  2. LED lights: Let’s the player know if they need to drink more or less to stay on target.
  3. Cap Chip: Shares real-time hydration data with digital platform and coach’s web app.
  4. Turbine: Measures all the liquid that is leaving the bottle to provide data to the chip cap.
  5. Fuel pod: Holds the specific concentrated Gatorade formula for the player.
  6. Fuel-pod engine: Cross-shaped top “breaks” fuel-pod cap, mixing contents with water.
  7. Bottle: 30 oz container, custom colors available.

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NCAA Concussion Study


Concussions Get More Attention

The NCAA and the Department of Defense released an info-graphic which summarizes their newest study on concussions. After the release of the new film Concussion with Will Smith playing as the concussion researcher Dr.Bennet Omalu there has been a renewed interest in degenerative brain damage caused by repeated concussions.  The new study found that football isn’t the sport with the most concussions! The following list are incidents per 10,000 events, practices, games, etc.

  • Wrestling: 10.9
  • Men’s ice hockey: 7.9
  • Women’s ice hockey: 7.5
  • Football: 6.7
  • Women’s soccer: 6.3

ncaa concussion study


Happy 2016 Football Year from Fumble Pro!

football 2016

Happy new year to you all! May 2016 be your best year yet!

Here are the important NFL Dates to mark on your shiny new calendars!

January 3 – Seventeenth Week of Regular Season Games.

January 4 – Earliest permissible date for clubs to renegotiate or extend the rookie contract of a drafted rookie who was selected in any round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Any permissible renegotiated or extended player contract will not be considered a rookie contract, and will not be subject to the rules that limit rookie contracts. Option exercise period begins for Fifth-Year Option for First- Round Selections from the 2013 NFL Draft. To exercise the option, the club must give written notice to the player on or after January 4, 2016, but prior to May 3, 2016.

January 9 – Wild Card Playoffs.

January 10 -Wild Card Playoffs and Assistant coaches under contract to playoff clubs that have byes in the Wild Card weekend may be interviewed for head coaching positions through the conclusion of the Wild Card games.

January 16 – Divisional Playoffs.

January 17 – Divisional Playoffs and Assistant coaches under contract to playoff clubs that won their Wild Card games may be interviewed for head coaching positions through the conclusion of Divisional Playoff games.

January 18 – Deadline for college players that are underclassmen to apply for special eligibility. A list of players who are accepted into the NFL Draft will be transmitted to clubs on January 22.

January 23 – East-West Shrine Game, Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida.

January 24 – AFC and NFC Championship Games.

January 30 – Senior Bowl, Ladd-Peebles Stadium, Mobile, Alabama.

January 31 – NFL Pro Bowl, Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii. An assistant coach, whose team is participating in the Super Bowl, who has previously interviewed for another club’s head coaching job may have a second interview with such club no later than the Sunday preceding the Super Bowl.

February 7 – Super Bowl 50, Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California.

February 22 – First day for clubs to designate Franchise or Transition Players.

February 23-29 – Combine Timing and Testing, Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana.

March 7 – Prior to 4:00 p.m., New York time, deadline for clubs to designate Franchise or Transition Players.

March 12-15 – Beginning at 12 noon, New York time, clubs are permitted to contact, and enter into contract negotiations with the certified agents of players who will become Unrestricted Free Agents upon the expiration of their 2015 player contracts at 4:00 p.m., New York time, on March 15. However, a contract cannot be executed with a new club until 4:00 p.m., New York time, on March 15.

March 15 – The 2016 League Year and Free Agency period begin at 4:00 p.m., New York time. The first day of the 2016 League Year will end at 11:59:59 p.m., New York time, on March 15. Clubs will receive a personnel notice that will include all transactions submitted to the League office during the period between 4:00 p.m., New York time, and 11:59:59 p.m., New York time, on March 15. Trading period for 2016 begins at 4:00 p.m., New York time, after expiration of all 2015 contracts.

March 20-23 – Annual League Meeting, Boca Raton, Florida.

April 4 – Clubs that hired a new head coach after the end of the 2015 regular season may begin off season workout programs.

April 18 – Clubs with returning head coaches may begin off season workout programs.

April 22 – Deadline for Restricted Free Agents to sign Offer Sheets.

April 27 – Deadline for prior club to exercise Right of First Refusal to Restricted Free Agents.

April 28-30 – NFL Draft.