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Fumble Pro used by Carson Wentz on Gruden’s QB Camp

Fumble Pro used by Carson Wentz on Gruden's QB Camp

Last year at the Texas High School Coaches Association, I had the pleasure of meeting someone who works for the Fire Football Coaches Association (FFCA). The FFCA is a company that Super Bowl XXXVII Winning, Jon Gruden started after getting fired from Tampa Bay. It started out as a place fired football coaches could go and stay sharp by studying football. It has grown into a company dedicated to giving back to the game, with a specific emphasis on high school athletic programs.

Jon Gruden and Jimmy Smith from Fumble Pro

Super Bowl XXXVII Winning Coach Jon Gruden and Jimmy Smith from Fumble Pro

Well it turns out the person I met thought Gruden might want to use the Fumble Pro and the Fumble Pro Lite on his TV show Gruden’s QB Camp. So several months later I had the even greater pleasure of visiting Tampa and meeting Jon Gruden himself.

The first thing you notice when you walk into his office is the Chucky doll wearing a headset in the reception area. I guess he really does like the nickname! Then after a few minutes I was led back to meet Jon in person. As we got to a darkened room I saw Jon huddled over game film dissecting plays in a state of total concentration. After a minute or so he noticed we were there and he gave me a genuinely warm welcome. Well before I could say more than a sentence he literally turned to the white board and started diagramming a drill he wanted to run on his show (probably called Spider 2 Y Banana drill!) It was surreal. Here I am in a film room with Jon Gruden drawing plays on a white board and I have only know him less than 60 seconds!

It was finally time to show him the Fumble Pro, and I am very happy to say he loved it! He started thinking of ways to use the Fumble Pro right away! We decided that I would make some Fumble Pro Lites with the FFCA logo on them so he could use them on his TV show Gruden’s QB Camp. We even talked about something he could strike the QBs with that wouldn’t hurt them and we came up with pool noodles. Well, I am sure you have seen the clips of him chasing Wentz around with pool noodles, so I guess he liked the idea!

After that he was back to work and I was off to the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic in Orlando, but not before he gave me my very own Spider 2 Y Banana shirt.

Oh, and one last thing, he did use the Fumble Pro Lite on his TV show Gruden’s QB Camp with Carson Wentz! Carson Wentz is the number 2 overall NFL Draft pick! He wants Wentz to become a two-handed monster like Carson Palmer, and the Fumble Pro Lite is just the tool to make that happen!

Fumble Pro featured in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette


Coaches pull strings to emphasize ball control


1999 Air Force Academy graduate, Jermal Singelton, doesn’t want to give the Fumble Pro credit for its effectiveness because a Naval Academy invented it. In this article written by Tom Murphy from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette you will learn about how the Arkansas Razorbacks used Fumble Pro products to teach their players ball security and reduce their fumbles! To read the full article click here.




Easy Way to Get a Free FumblePro T-shirt


Fumble-Pro-Hold-On-To-Your-Balls-t-ShirtAll you have to do is submit a video (10 seconds or longer) of your team using the Fumble Pro or Fumble Pro Lite in a drill and we will send you a free “Hold On To Your Balls” t-shirt.

Just email us at Jennifer@FumblePro.com, or call us at 321-406-0556 if you have any questions!

*Offer valid while supplies last. Sizes Large, XL, and 2XL only. By submitting a video you are giving Innocept, LLC permission to use the video in several different medias including but not limited to social and print. You understand that these images/videos may be used on the Internet. You agree that Innocept, LLC may use these images/video with or without your name for any lawful purpose including marketing, advertising, illustration, and on the web.

Fumble Pro Lessens the Chances of Fumbling


Invention lessens chances of fumbling

The Fumble Pro was recently featured in an article written by , CMull@News-Press.com, on News-Press.com. In the article he talked about the origins of the Fumble Pro as well as its proven potential to teach players the importance of ball security and reduce the number of fumbles made by not just a single player but the whole team.

What is Fumble Pro?

The FUMBLE PRO is a training tool designed to improve ball security by teaching players to hold the ball in the most secure manner possible to reduce or eliminate fumbles. By using the FUMBLE PRO in drills, you can simulate the same forces a player will experience in games in a way no other training tool can achieve. The Slap Handle creates a large impact force with just a simple flick of the wrist that is then transmitted to the ball. This allows the coach to generate MAXIMUM force on the ball without having to punch or hit the ball, or follow the player through the drill. You never miss when trying to knock the ball out of the player’s hand, or hit the player instead of the ball!

No other product on the market can generate the game-like impacts on the ball like the FUMBLE PRO!

If you are looking for something to be used in faster-paced drills, then check out the FUMBLE PRO SPRINT. The FUMBLE PRO SPRINT doesn’t generate as much force as the regular FUMBLE PRO, but it can be used with players running full speed, and most importantly, you can drop the handle with the FUMBLE PRO SPRINT and let the player run. Great for QB/RB exchange drills! Just as the ball changes hands you pull on the FUMBLE PRO SPRINT , and then drop the handle so the RB can hit the hole full speed. Create the ultimate ball security training strategy by using the Fumble Pro Sprint in conjunction with the original Fumble Pro!

The FUMBLE PRO should be used by ALL players to them the proper way to carry the ball. Every snap there are 22 players on the field that might end up with the ball in their hands!



Generates MAXIMUM force on the Football to teach proper technique through muscle memory
Easy to use at full speed. Run drills where one player runs full speed and another player follows with the handle so the players learn to hold the ball correctly even at full stride
Just a flick of the wrist is all it takes to generate huge forces. The Slap Handle does all the work, not your arm or shoulder
You can drop the SPRINT handle and let the players run. Makes it great for mesh drills becaue the RB can hit the hole full speed
Use it during all your agility bag, ladder, and cone drills
Generate forces on the ball from any angle, even pull the ball upward
Great for building game-practical strength to help players hold onto the ball