Extreme Drills Part 2

Here are just a few of the extreme, endurance and agility building drills that will help make you a better athlete. This is part 2 of the series with drills 4-6. More to come soon!

Extreme Drills #4: Core Sled Pulls & Pushes

This movement will light your core, biceps, & back on fire! From a plank position pull the sled to you with one arm. Once you’ve completed this exercise, push the sled back, and start over with the other arm. Repeat 4 times each arm. Alright Hulk, If this is easy for you add some weight to the sled.

Extreme Drills #5: Tire Flips

Linebackers need a lot of explosive power to be able to drive into another linebacker and push him over. How do you prepare yourself for pushing a 250 pound person who has been training to take YOU down? You flip a 900 pound tire. Driving with your legs and pushing until it flips. Make sure you don’t lift with you biceps!

5-10-5 drillsExtreme Drills #6: Pro Agility Cone Drill or 5-10-5

Agility isn’t a natural ability, it is a trained. Agility is important on the field because without good agility it you are a sitting duck on the field. The 5-10-5 builds your agility by teaching you to accelerate, stop, change direction and repeat. How many can you do before your legs stop?

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