Extreme Drills Part 3

Here are just a few of the extreme, endurance and agility building drills that will help make you a better athlete. This is part 3 of the series with drills 7-9. More to come soon!

Extreme Drills #7: Uphill Speed Ladder

Going uphill makes your muscles work harder than they would if you were just on a flat surface and you will get much more out of it. Start in front of the ladder at the bottom of a hill. Starting with your left foot, rapidly tap both feet in each rung of the ladder until you reach the top.

Extreme Drills #8: Chain Push-up

Assume push-up position with heavy chains positioned across your lower back. Do controlled push-ups for as many reps as possible. The chain not only adds more weight to the movement, it also forces you to engage your core muscles. As you push up, more and more of the chain lift off the ground, increasing the resistance.

db swing drills

Extreme Drills #9: DB Swing

Don’t have a Kettle Bell? Use a DB. Squat down, lean forward at 45 degrees, thrust hips forward to swing up DB to forehead level and repeat.

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