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Football Stretching Exercises

Football Stretching Exercises

Stretching before a game or a practice is necessary for every sport especially football. This helps in preparing the athlete to be physically ready. Before a football player can tackle his opponents, run the open length, or throw deep passes, he must first do some stretching exercises to make himself loose and to help reduce the risk of getting injured. Football stretching not only prepares an athlete’s body but it can also increase the physical ability of the athlete. It allows the muscles of the body to contract and relax very quickly which will in turn result to a better reaction time, increased muscular power and strength, increased force production, better blood circulation to the muscles and much improved metabolic reactions.

Football Stretching

A football player must first loosen up by doing some stretching exercises. They must loosen up all of the major muscle groups in their bodies like the shoulders, back, hips and leg muscles. In NFL, football players are required to do some dynamic stretching before practice or a game. Football players need to loosen up their hips, backs, shoulders and leg muscles before engaging in practice or playing a game. Stretching will warm up the body and will loosen up the muscles so that you can use them through their maximum range of motion. The football stretching exercises that football players do, consists of sports-specific movements that will help prepare the body before a game or practice. Players are asked to perform exercises like the following:

  • Walking Knee Hugs – for stretching the hips and glutes
  • Walking Leg Pulls Behind the Back – for stretching the quads
  • Pump Stretches – to loosen up the calves and the low back
  • Spiderman Stretch – to stretch the groin and hips
  • Inchworm Stretch – for stretching the hamstrings

Warming up must be done next after doing some football stretching exercises. There are some warm up exercises that can be also considered as a stretching exercise too. However, these exercises are mostly focused on increasing a player’s heart rate gradually. Football players can warm up through these following exercises:

  • Simple Jogging
  • Backwards Pedaling
  • Butt Kick from 5-15 yards
  • Lateral Bounds,
  • High-Knees

After doing warm up exercises, the next will be the so-called position drills. Position drills can also be considered as practice since they involved specific exercises for each of the position. For example, a running back can do exercises that will help them practice their steps and hand-offs. The same goes for the quarterback and receivers where they practice over their passing routes. Defensive linemen will practice with tackles and breaking free from blocks.

Football players are also required to do some static stretching after a game or practice. Static stretching is necessary for every football players because it allows them to cool down after a heavy physical activity and be able to relax.