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Healthy Snacks for Athletes

Healthy Snacks for Athletes

Athletes need to get the right amount of calories and nutrients. The nutrients they need will include protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. But where can the athletes get these nutrients? Athletes need a well-balanced diet, but they can also enjoy healthy snacks that promises all important nutrients so that they can get lots of energy. Healthy snacks are capable of providing additional calories and nutrients they need. Athletes eating a healthy snack before they exercise will give them plenty of energy and eating healthy snacks after an intense workout will prevent them from eating too much during mealtime.

What snacks that athletes should avoid?

Athletes should avoid eating snacks that are rich in fats and sugar. Donuts, potato chips, candy bars, cookies and sodas are some of the snacks that an athlete should really avoid because they don’t really  contain healthy nutrients. These snacks are not capable of giving the energy an athlete need to perform well during their exercises and in their sports competitions.

Snacks that an athlete should eat.

As an athlete your snacks should be easy and healthy to eat. You need to set the proper time ahead of time so that when you need to eat them, you can easily eat your snacks especially if you have a very tight training schedule.

Here are some good snacks that you want to it:

  • Yogurt mixed with fresh or canned fruits.
  • One apple or banana along with peanut butter.
  • Cheese and crackers made from whole grains.
  • Energy bars.
  • Celery sticks.
  • Whole-grain bread.
  • Carrots.
  • Bagel sandwich with either peanut butter, lean roast beef, tuna, or turkey inside.

More important tips about eating healthy snacks.

You need store your snacks in a refrigerator or a cooler with ice if you don’t want them to get spoiled. You also have to make sure that they don’t get to stay at a room temperature no longer than 2 hours. Bacteria will grow in these foods after two hours which can be bad and may cause you to become sick.  Milk and other dairy products should always be kept cold if you want don’t them to get spoiled. You can also keep your salads and sandwiches cold if you want to eat them later on.

You should eat your snacks before you feel too hungry especially if you are in weight control. This will prevent you from eating too much during mealtime. You can try asking your dietitian to see how many calories you need per day. You can also ask your dietitian what snacks should you eat to help you get the right amount of calories and nutrients you need every day.