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Increase Your Body Mass Index

Increase Your Body Mass Index

Body mass index will help you figure out if your weight is good for your height. If your BMI is too low, you might be exposed to some health problems. You have to increase your BMI and make it fall within its normal parameters if you want to look and feel better. If you have the appropriate weight for your height, it can only mean that you are physically fit.

If you are having trouble in gaining weight to increase your BMI even though you’ve already made changes to your diet, it’s best if you talk to your doctor so that you can find another good way of increasing your body mass index.

How to Find Out Your BMI

You can figure out your BMI by calculating it with the use of an online calculator. Your body mass index is found with the use of the equation below:

BMI = weight in pounds / (height in inches x height in inches) x 703

Before you start your fitness training program, you need to measure first your starting BMI so you can know how much weight you are going to need to make your BMI will fall within the normal parameters.

If you have a low BMI of 18.5 or lower and underweight, you might be prone to some health issues and may take longer for you to achieve your ideal BMI. Low body mass index can also increase your risk of having respiratory and digestive problems, osteoporosis and cancer.

Adding Calories to Increase Your BMI

The best way to increase your weight and in turn, your BMI, is to increase your calorie intake. Eating foods that are rich in calories will help you gain weight. This is even more necessary for those people who are underweight. Men will need 2250-3500 calories per day while, women will need 1850-2900 calories a day so that they can increase their BMI. People who are underweight will require more calories than the normal amount per day. Just monitor your calorie intake and your current weight so that you can adjust the amount of calories you consume a day that are needed to increase your body mass index.

Eat Healthy Foods to Increase Your BMI

You may be able to get a lot of calories from any food but eating healthy foods is still your best option for increasing your body mass index. Foods rich in nutrients and calories at the same time include granola, brown rice, bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, yogurt, milk, dried apricots, fatty fish, tofu, lean red meat, nuts, seeds beans and raisin bran cereals.

You can also boost your calorie intake aside from eating foods with cheese, nonfat dried milk, and oil. You can add the dry milk powder on your soup or hot cereal. You can cook your meat and vegetables with the use of oil. Lastly, you can add cheese to your sandwiches, breads, potatoes and salads.