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Keeping Yourself Active

Keeping Yourself Always Active

You need to keep in mind that the only way to maintain your good health, is to remain active as much as you can throughout the day. This is why you need to develop a simple fitness regimen training program. You can finish your fitness regimen in just a couple of minutes and proceed to your other daily activities just to make yourself active.

Here are some good examples of fitness exercises that you can do with minimal effort so that you can keep yourself active:

Try standing up every 15 minutes.

Studies show that even the most healthy and fit people can be exposed to a lot health problems and issues if they sit for several hours without standing up. Standing up once every 15 minutes will be a good thing to do to prevent any health problems to happen to you. You can also try adding various body movements as you are standing up like jump squats or one-legged squats.

Interval (anaerobic) training.

You can do high-intensity exercises in short bursts and follow it with a good recovery period.

Strength training.

If you can get to include at least 1 set of strength training in your workout you can guarantee yourself that you are going to enjoy a lot of health benefits from your exercise program as well as keeping your body active and energetic.

Core exercises.

Your body consists of 29 core muscles that can be found mostly in your pelvis, back and abdomen. These muscles serves as the foundation for all the movement in your body. So it’s only important that you strengthen these groups of muscles to help protect your back and provide more support for it. You can also reduce the risk of injury to your spine and body. Lastly, doing core exercises will also help you gain better stability and balance.

Doing postural exercises are good for strengthening your frame. It also helps retrain your body so that you can perform high-intensity exercises safely without to worry about getting injured. Doing yoga can also help strengthen your core muscles which is a good thing to do if you want to keep yourself active.


Active isolated stretching helps in improving your circulation and in increasing the elasticity of all your muscle joints. It also prepares your muscles for all your daily activity. You should do stretching during whenever you have time. It’s perfect for keeping your body active all the time.