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No Helmets During Practice Equals No Concussions?

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Could football practice without helmets help prevent concussions?

A new study as found that practicing without helmets could actually lower the amount of concussions. It may sound counter intuitive but the idea behind it is actually so that during practice players will be much less likely to use their head as a weapon. Practice without a helmet can teach the players to be more cautious with their heads. With the technology of helmets getting more and more sophisticated, players could feel better about being risky with their head, because they feel protected. The study believes that players who practice without helmets will not feel protected under a helmet so they will learn to avoid getting their head injured and overtime will develop muscle memory that will reduce the amount of head impacts they get during a game. Currently, the study is limited though. The study is unable to provide data supporting that practice without helmets reduces the amount of head impacts throughout a season.