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Fumble Pro used by Carson Wentz on Gruden's QB Camp

Fumble Pro used by Carson Wentz on Gruden’s QB Camp

Last year at the Texas High School Coaches Association, I had the pleasure of meeting someone who works for the Fire Football Coaches Association (FFCA). The FFCA is a company that Super Bowl XXXVII Winning, Jon Gruden started after getting […]


Fumble Pro featured in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Coaches pull strings to emphasize ball control ­ 1999 Air Force Academy graduate, Jermal Singelton, doesn’t want to give the Fumble Pro credit for its effectiveness because a Naval Academy invented it. In this article written by Tom Murphy from […]


Easy Way to Get a Free FumblePro T-shirt

All you have to do is submit a video (10 seconds or longer) of your team using the Fumble Pro or Fumble Pro Lite in a drill and we will send you a free “Hold On To Your Balls” t-shirt. […]


Fumble Pro Lessens the Chances of Fumbling

Invention lessens chances of fumbling The Fumble Pro was recently featured in an article written by Cory Mull, CMull@News-Press.com, on News-Press.com. In the article he talked about the origins of the Fumble Pro as well as its proven potential to teach […]

What is Fumble Pro?

The FUMBLE PRO is a training tool designed to improve ball security by teaching players to hold the ball in the most secure manner possible to reduce or eliminate fumbles. By using the FUMBLE PRO in drills, you can simulate […]


Fitness Supplements: What Can You Gain From Them

Fitness Supplements: What Can You Gain From Them

Supplements are a product of the medical technologies and advancements we now have today, they are also the most sought solutions for health and wellness. They have ingredients that will improve your workout performance and the composition of your body.

Learn more about the benefits of using supplements below:

  • They can help you fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet.
  • They can give you energy boost which is good for all your training and workout sessions.
  • It can assist you in reducing your weight depending on how you use it.
  • Promotes the build-up and development of your muscles.
  • They also improve your muscle mass and more bone strength.
  • They are also good for the recovery of your muscles and in preventing any tear or body pains.
  • It also helps in keeping you away from the bad effects of exercise acidosis.
  • Some athletic supplements can also aid in the biosynthesis of glutathione in the body.
  • These supplements also help your focus and other brain functions.
  • They also contribute to reducing the fatigue in your body.
  • They give you a good feeling for your body, extra alertness, and energy to get you going throughout your training and workout sessions.
  • They are easy to carry around and are not that expensive.

You have to remember though that supplements will only work if you know how to use them correctly. You also have to know what these supplements can do for you. In choosing the kind of supplements you are going to use, it’s important that you choose a supplement that will be helpful to your goal or case. It’s easy to get confused with the number of supplements available on the market today. But don’t think for a second that all of them will work for you. There are also some products out there that are said to be helpful but in reality, they can’t do a single thing.

Choosing the right supplement is important if you don’t want your hard-earned money to go to waste. Be smart in choosing which one suits and works for you.

There are also some supplements that can expose you to various side effects or complications. If you are experiencing any side effect from your supplement, it’s better if you stop using it or switch to another one. You can ask advice from your personal trainer as to which supplement he/she recommends. You can also go to your doctor if you want to know how to deal with the side effects.

Just be cautious in using your supplements. Know how to use them correctly and I’m sure that good results will show up eventually. But of course, you don’t have to rely on supplements only. You also have to work out and maintain a balanced diet if you want to achieve your fitness goals!

Fitness Tips: How to Motivate Yourself

Fitness Tips: How to Motivate Yourself

They say that you to need to have motivation for you to achieve your fitness goals. But how about you? Do you already have something to motivate yourself? It’s easy to quit in any endeavor if you don’t have anything or anyone to motivate you, right? You don’t need anybody to motivate you when you can just have yourself to motivate you!

Look at Yourself in Front of the Mirror

Look in front of the mirror and try taking your shirt off. Ask yourself if you like what you see right now. Try asking yourself these questions too:

  • Is this me?
  • Is it still possible to change how do I look?
  • Do I want my look to change for the better?

If so, then you should get started with your fitness training programs right away!

Smile to Lighten Your Mood and the Surrounding Atmosphere.

You must smile to lighten your mood. Your training and workouts may be exhausting, but you must always learn to smile in these circumstances. It promotes a good atmosphere around you. It’s also much easier to accomplish your fitness goals when you are happy.

Learn to Focus.

You have to learn to focus and concentrate on your training and workouts. If you want to achieve your fitness goals that much, then you must direct all your attention to your goal. Picture yourself once you achieved your goals and how much happiness it will bring to you. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by anything that will prevent you from achieving your goal. It’s only when you focus on your goals that you’ll be able to achieve them.

Act Immediately.

You’ll never get to achieve your fitness goals if you don’t get yourself moving. So make sure that you do it right away. It’s never too late to change your body the way you wanted it to be.

Stick to Your Routines.

You have to stick with your routines for all your training and workout sessions. Whatever your fitness goals are, it will all come down to your discipline and patience. Results may not appear right away but don’t allow yourself to be disappointed with it, just continue with your routines. It takes time before you can the see results of your training and workouts. They will eventually show up themselves unless of course if you stopped doing exercises.

Changing your physique for the better requires motivation. I hope that the tips above will help you motivated as you continue to achieve your fitness goals because all the hard work, effort and time you’ve put into this endeavor will only be for your sake, in the end.

The Benefits of Weight Training

The Benefits of Weight Training

Weight training is more than just feeling good and looking great. It offers a lot of advantages to everyone who tries it. The benefits of weight training are just too great to ignore especially if you’re an athlete. Here are the top benefits you can gain from weight training if you know to do it properly:

It keeps your overall weight in check. 

Weight training helps you to burn more calories thus giving you control over your weight. The more weight training you do, the more calories you can burn.

Increases your bone density. 

It has been proven that weight training significantly reduces the risk of you having osteoporosis by the time you get old because it increases your bone density.

Helps you in preventing injuries. 

Weight training will keep you from suffering from injuries. If you get to strengthen your muscles, you can reduce your chances of suffering from life-related injuries which could affect the quality of your life. It also allows you to recover faster from your injuries if you happen to endure them.

Improves your performance. 

Weight training does help you to improve your performance regardless of the sport you belong. Athletes who wish to improve their performance and transform their game to a whole new level will have to do a lot of weight training.

Feel great and look good at the same time. 

There is no other satisfaction better than the feeling of finishing a great workout. Yes, it may be painful, but if you weigh the positive effects of weight training especially in the long run will make you realize that everything is worth it. You will the increase of power from your muscles and bones eventually as you continue working out. Being strong will have a positive effect on your posture and will also give you a good feeling. And  if you do it correctly, I am sure your confidence and self-esteem will also increase. In short, weight training will make you feel good about your life as it promotes positive vibe and atmosphere around you.

With these benefits that are so compelling, I can’t see a reason why would an individual neglect weight training especially if he/she is an athlete. You just have to give in more effort and time if you really want to see results. Weight training not only increases your overall strength but it also promotes good overall health. By doing weight training 3-5 times a week, you’ll see significant changes in your body and health in no time. Try to engage yourself in weight training if you want to feel good and look great at the same time. Heck, it might be also helpful in your goal of impressing the women. You just have to work hard and be patient with it because in the end, you’ll be the one to enjoy the benefits of being an Adonis!

Extreme Drills Part 5 – Partner Edition

partner bench press extreme drills

Here are just a few of the extreme, endurance and agility building drills that will help make you a better athlete. This is part 5 of the series with drills 13-15 this part is all about partnering up and doing extreme drills with a buddy! More to come soon!

partner deadlift extreme drillsExtreme Drills #13: Partner Deadlift

With your partner in the upright push up position,while facing the opposite direction as them stand between their legs. Now squat down with your chest up and your shoulders over your knees and grab their ankles and stand straight up keeping your arms locked.

Extreme Drills #14: Partner Front Squat

Start with your partner in the push up position again. Place your partner’s ankles on your shoulders and begin doing squats using their weight as resistance.

Extreme Drills #15: Partner Bench Press

Have your partner in the push up position again and lay down on your back so that your head is between their feet. Grab their ankles and lift them away from your chest until your arms are straightened out. Then lower your hands until they touch your shoulders.

Check out Part 4

Best Stretches Before Football Practice

best stretches to warm up football practice

Stretching gets the body ready for the workout you are about to start. Stretching is most important before starting football practice. Not stretching can lead to injury. Here are the best stretches to do 10 reps of before you start practicing!

  • Walking Knee Hugs: This will stretch your hips and glutes. Get on your toes for each hug to stretch your calf muscles and help improve your balance.
  • Dynamic Lunge with Rotation: This will stretch and open up your hips and increase t-spine mobility. This stretch will help increase mobility for better sprinting and reduces injuries. This will also keep your t-spine from locking up, when it locks up and cannot rotate correctly your lower back will rotate instead which could cause injury.
  • Inverted Hamstring: This stretch activates your glutes and warms up your hamstrings.
  • Hip Rotations: This stretch keeps your legs and hips stable.
  • Lateral Lunges: This stretch activates the gluteus medius or the “side butt.” Commonly overlooked, when this muscle is weak knee injury is more likely.
  • Backward Skips: Engages your glutes. Important for sprinting power and reduces the rick of a hamstring injury. You can also swing your arms back loosely to increase mobility in the shoulders.
  • Inchworms: Activates and stretches the core, abs, back and hips for sprinting. The key is to keep your back and hips straight, never let your hips sway. Not a fun drill but well worth it for sprinters. It will maintain a tight core that will keep a sprinter from losing energy while running.
  • A-Runs: To increase range of motion while sprinting. You can also do the Carioca for more lateral movements.
  • Backward Lunge Reach and Twist: Keeps the quads and the muscle in the front of the hip that goes to the abdomen stretched. This also increases hip, shoulder and T-spine mobility.
  • Backpedal: Helps engage the glutes and works athletic stance. Very important for linebackers and defensive backs.

Different Types of Shoes for Runners

Whether you are an Olympic athlete or just a regular jogger, happy feet can make all the difference. For runners, selecting the right running shoes is extremely important; you’re going to spend most of your time in them, so you want something you really like and that fits you best. In addition to a comfortable ride, shoes can play a major role in keeping you running strong.

Here are different types of shoes for different types of runner’s feet.

  • Neutral shoes: They can work for mild pronators, but are best for neutral
    runners or people who supinate. Shoes provide some shock absorption and some medial (arch-side) support.
  • Stability shoes: Great for runners who exhibit mild to moderate over pronation. They often include a firm “post” to support the arch side of each midsole, an area exceedingly impacted by over pronation.
  • Motion control shoes: Best for runners who have moderate to severe over pronation, they offer features such as stiffer heels or a design built on straighter lasts to counter over pronation.
  • Barefoot shoes: Soles offer the bare minimum in protection from potential threats on the ground. Many have no cushion in the heel pad and a very thin layer. All barefoot shoes have a “zero drop” from heel to toe. (“Drop” is the difference between the height of the heel and the height of the toe.)
  • Minimalist shoes: These feature extremely lightweight construction, little to no arch support and a heel drop of about 4–8mm to encourage a natural running motion and a mid foot strike, yet still offer cushioning and flex. Minimalist shoes should last you around 300 to 400 miles.

No Helmets During Practice Equals No Concussions?

tackle Concussions helmets

Could football practice without helmets help prevent concussions?

A new study as found that practicing without helmets could actually lower the amount of concussions. It may sound counter intuitive but the idea behind it is actually so that during practice players will be much less likely to use their head as a weapon. Practice without a helmet can teach the players to be more cautious with their heads. With the technology of helmets getting more and more sophisticated, players could feel better about being risky with their head, because they feel protected. The study believes that players who practice without helmets will not feel protected under a helmet so they will learn to avoid getting their head injured and overtime will develop muscle memory that will reduce the amount of head impacts they get during a game. Currently, the study is limited though. The study is unable to provide data supporting that practice without helmets reduces the amount of head impacts throughout a season.

Gatorade is Recording Hydration in Real Time

gatorade tracking hydration

How Gatorade Plans To Reinvent Sports Drinks—Again

Gatorade has made a new product they call the “smart cap” which allows coaches to track their player’s hydration levels during practice and games! Every ‘smart cap” is digitally linked to a player. Using an app to see how much the player sweats during practice, how much sodium the player loses, and how much they need to drink to keep their body at optimal performance. Every “smart cap” is filled with a drink formula that matches a player’s specific sweat type. A chip and a small turbine in the spout measure how much he takes in a sip. There are LED lights on the cap that help the player pace their drinking, showing them if they need more or less to keep on target.

gatorade tracking hydration with new smart cap technology

  1. Customized top: Personalized cap with player name, number, team color, and logo.
  2. LED lights: Let’s the player know if they need to drink more or less to stay on target.
  3. Cap Chip: Shares real-time hydration data with digital platform and coach’s web app.
  4. Turbine: Measures all the liquid that is leaving the bottle to provide data to the chip cap.
  5. Fuel pod: Holds the specific concentrated Gatorade formula for the player.
  6. Fuel-pod engine: Cross-shaped top “breaks” fuel-pod cap, mixing contents with water.
  7. Bottle: 30 oz container, custom colors available.

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The Origin of Pro Football

the origin of football

On November 12, 1892 the origin of professional football began. It was the day that the Allegheny Athletic Association football team defeated the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. No one knew at the time that the this game would have such a big impact on football. The game itself was not a big event it was that one of the players, William (Pudge) Heffelfinger, was openly paid $500 to play the game. This marked the first professional football player in history. This means professional football began over 100 years ago with no indication of the popularity the sport would have in the future.

At the time the Pittsburgh Athletic Club believed that something illegal was afoot but had no evidence that the Allegheny Athletic Association had abandoned the standard practices by actually paying players to play. Verification of this didn’t become public for another 80 years when the Pro Football Hall of Fame got a document of expenses from the Allegheny Athletic Association that had clearly listed “game performance bonus to W. Heffelfinger for playing (cash) $500.” While it was possible for other players to have been paid before 1892, the AAA expense sheet provides the first irrefutable evidence of an out-and-out cash payment. This expense sheet is commonly referred to as the birth certificate of professional football.

Magnets in Helmets?

football helmets magnet technology

Magnets in Helmets Might Make Football Safer

A new football helmet design with a radical idea could possibly prevent concussions during helmet to helmet impacts by using magnets. The idea behind it is that each helmet would be equipped with a magnet. During a head to the head collision they would repel from each other and slow the impact force before contact. Tests are being conducted with rare-earth element neodymium magnets from China, which are the most powerful commercially available magnet. These can repel up to 100lbs of force when repelling from the opposite pole and weigh a third of a pound (compared to the 3.5 to 5 pound helmets). While these safety feature would add to existing ones it also would add $50 to $100 in price. If the magnets make it through field tests, they could theoretically reduce the relative risk of concussions by up to 80 percent without changing the appearance or intensity of the game. See the full story here.