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Pylon 7v7 Tournament in Cocoa Beach - Fumble Pro | Fumble Pro

Pylon 7v7 Tournament in Cocoa Beach

Had a great time at the Pylon 7v7 tournament in Cocoa Beach on Valentine’s day! It was amazing to see such talent, speed and agility all in one place. There was some much action going on at once it was hard to keep up with it all. Thankfully Bleacher Report was there to video tape the action so I can recap later.

But I have to say my favorite part was when I was demonstrating the Fumble Pro to some coaches and Erika Imburgio from Pylon and I started to talk about how the Philadelphia Eagles use the Fumble Pro. I was giving a demonstration of one of the drills and said it was one Deuce Staley likes to run when I heard a voice behind me say “Yeah we do.” To my surprise R.J. Harvey of the Philadelphia Eagles was right behind me and heard the whole thing! Boy was I glad I wasn’t fibbing about anything I said about the Eagles!

Coach Harvey went on to tell me the Eagles use the Fumble Pro in practice everyday as part of their ball-security routine. First out come the weighted balls, then some resistance band training, and then the Fumble Pros!

I can’t tell you how much of an honor it was to hear that directly from someone within the Eagles organization.

We are very proud of the Fumble Pro, and extremely proud that after two years the Eagles are still enjoying the Fumble Pro as well!