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Significance of a Mouthguard in Today’s Sports

Significance of a Mouthguard in Today’s Sports

A mouthguard (also known as mouth protector or mouth piece) is a flexible custom fitted device that is worn over the teeth to help protect it from potential damage from athletic sports or various recreational activities. Mouth guards are more important for those people who are wearing braces or for those people who just want to protect their teeth from any potential trauma.

Mouth guards will help protect your teeth from damages due to blows or physical contact. They can also serve as a protection from any soft tissue damage.

Here are some good characteristics of an ideal mouth guard:

  • It should allow you to speak clearly and will not interfere with your breathing.
  • Can stay firmly in its place during action especially in athletic sports.
  • Can provide high level of comfort and must fit really well with your teeth.
  • Must be durable and easy to maintain.
  • Must be tasteless, odorless, resilient and resistant to tear.

In general, mouthguards can only cover the upper teeth. But for those people who are into sports or who wears braces or other dental appliances should wear a mouthguard that can also cover their lower teeth.

Who Should Use a Mouthguard?

Many major sports leagues are now requiring the use of mouthguards for their athletes. Sports with high risk of physical contacts like football, ice hockey, basketball, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby, soccer, boxing, and wrestling requires its players to use mouth guards.

The American Dental Association also recommends people to use mouth guards who are into surfing, skiing, skateboarding, acrobatics, skydiving, volleyball, martial arts, weightlifting and other activities that has a high potential for physical contacts.

You can also try talking to your dentist or orthodontist for a more professional advice when it comes to choosing a mouthguard. Your dentist should be able to help you in choosing a mouthguard that will provide you the best protection for your teeth.

Benefits of Using a Mouthguard

Mouth guard serves as an important precaution for all athletes regardless of their age and abilities. It helps in protecting an athlete from a potential broken tooth, tooth loss or bone damage. They can also protect you from serious injuries such as cerebral hemorrhage, concussion, jaw fracture and neck injuries.

You need to be smart in choosing your mouth guard. Not all mouth guards are the same. They vary according to the level of comfort and protection they can provide as well with their price.