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Sports Safety for Your Kids

Sports Safety for Your Kids

Always tell your kids to warm up and cool down.

Warm-ups and cool-downs should be a regular part of your child’s routine, regardless of the sport he or she participates in. Let your child know the importance and benefits they can get from stretching and light jogging. Doing warm-ups will help minimize the risk of muscle strains or soft tissue injuries. You must let your kids to do warm-ups before playing so they can become loose and feel flexible. Warming up also makes your kid’s body ready for the extra stress.

Protection from heat.

Kids are prone to dehydration and heat sickness especially for those who are engaged in outdoor sports. Kids must always wear sunscreen as protection from heat. They must also eat properly so they can have enough fuel for their bodies and must be hydrated water or sports drinks that are good for their age.

Must have a proper equipment.

Kids must always a protective equipment during their sports activities. This will ensure their safety as they compete and engage in various sporting activities. However, most child athletic programs don’t have enough protective equipment. Not all athletic clubs are capable of giving each kid proper equipment. If you know that your kid belongs to a sport, make sure that you can provide all the necessary protective gear the child needs. Important safety gears usually include helmets, mouth guards, goggles, padding, supportive shoes, and safety harnesses.

Teach your kid the proper techniques.

You have to teach the proper techniques of the sport they belong to. This is usually the coach’s job but you can’t rely completely on volunteer coaches of child athletic programs because they may not experts in child coaching techniques. You can teach your kid the basic sports skills and techniques so that they can play better. Teaching them the basics will help reduce the risk of injuries since they know how to play the sport properly. You should also teach your kid to be a good sport, winning or losing.

Cross-training programs.

Kids are recommended to go through cross-training programs like stretching balancing drills, weight training and jumping to help reduce the risk of injuries. Cross-training programs aims to develop the strength and endurance of the heart and lungs of the kids especially if they are into sports like soccer, tennis, basketball, and football.

Neuromuscular training.

Neuromuscular training is extremely recommended for child athletes to help reduce the risk of ACL injuries. The training will involve the proper jumping and landing that will strengthen the legs and decrease the amount of impact on the knees. If your kid plays for football, soccer and basketball, it is more important that you teach them neuromuscular training.

You have to think about the safety of your kids as they turn to sports. By doing so, you can help a better athletic career for him/her in the future. By promoting the sports safety of your kids, you can prevent any injury to happen to them which might affect their athletic career in the future.