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Auburn“Cameron Artis-Payne, 2014 SEC leading rusher, used the fumble pro every day and had 350 touches. He only fumbled two times!”

Tim Horton, Auburn Tigers Running Backs Coach

OSU“I feel the Fumble Pro really added to my drill work and game performance. My Running Backs had 514 touches (carries, receptions, punt returns and KO returns) and ZERO turnovers!!!”

Jemal Singleton, Oklahoma State University Running Backs Coach

St Francis“We use the Fumble Pro twice a week during the season, and I have seen a significant difference in the way our running backs secure the ball. It is an outstanding device, not expensive and I wish I would have invented it. I recommend it for any high school or college team.”

– Doug Coate – Assistant Coach – University of Saint Francis

Navy“The first time I felt the impact the Fumble Pro produces I knew it was something we needed. Nothing is more important than winning the turnover battle, and the Fumble Pro helps us do that.”

– Coach Ivan Jasper – Naval Academy Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach


GT“We stress fundamentals and attention to detail. The Fumble Pro is a ball security tool that will reinforce the attention to detail required to be successful. The Fumble Pro has helped us develop a culture of ball security.”

Coach Lamar Owens – Georgia Tech RB Coach



Princeton“We purchased 5 (Fumble Pros) here at Princeton. They are used by QBs, RBs, WRs and ST personnel. We saw a significant reduction in our fumbles from 2012 to 2013 as a result of using the Fumble Pro. I highly recommend it.”

– Clifton Perry – Head Equipment Manager at Princeton University



“Last season we fumbled the ball 5 times in our first game. After that game we started using the Fumble Pro in every practice and we only fumbled once more the rest of the season! We love the Fumble Pro because it really helped us eliminate turnovers.”

– Brian M. Conn – Head Football Coach at Ida Baker High School

“In my eyes the Fumble Pro has modernized training for football. Having been involved in football at every level coaching, training, and playing I have never come across a more unique and effective training tool. The feel that you get from using the Fumble Pro does a great job of simulating the feel you get during competition. Any coach will tell you that one of the most important things throughout a game is taking care of the ball and not turning it over. Coaches should get better sleep at night knowing their players have been using the Fumble Pro.”

– Coach Josh Vogelbach – QB Coach Founder of Vogelbach Sport Specific Training Facility


“The Fumble Pro has been a great addition to our football program. Five minutes a day with the Fumble Pro has made a remarkable difference in our backs and receivers ability to protect the football. We use it as a pre-practice tool each day for Running Backs and Wide Receivers. It definitely teaches you how to hold the football correctly and the amount of force you can put on the ball before you will lose it.”

– Coach John Perry – Head Coach and Assistant AD at Pearl High School

“Whether you are in-season or off-season training, the Fumble Pro is a fundamental tool that should be incorporated into daily drills to over-emphasize the importance of ball security. The force that can be generated using the tool replicates the hardest of hits that a skill player will take directly to the ball. This is a product every program, youth to professional, will benefit from.”

– Coach Mike Marciano – Three-time State Champion Coach and Head Coach of Canterbury High School


“I love the Fumble Pro because it keeps my guys rested!”

– Coach Dwayne Mack – Defensive Coordinator at Ida Baker High School