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Zero1: Protective Helmet for Football Players

Zero1: Protective Helmet for Football Players

Even though football is a very popular sport and is enjoyed by more than 400 million people around the globe, the sport still remains under scrutiny for the safety of its players. Critics have scrutinized the sport because of it being injury prone. There are a lot of injuries that players can get from this sport. One of the most common injuries among football players and possibly one of the most life-threatening injury that can happen in any sport, is concussions. NFL has already done a lot of countermeasures against concussions. The organization even started numerous research programs to find the best solution or countermeasure against concussions. As a result, a new helmet was developed with hopes that it will have the ability to solve one of the biggest problems that’s been scrutinizing the sport ever since. Named Zero1, this is one of NFL’s research programs and is geared to be the ultimate solution against concussions.

The helmet consists of multiple flexible layers. It is developed to greatly reduce the rotational and linear impact forces to help prevent concussions from happening. The helmet is developed in a way that utilizes its four flexible layers to work in perfect harmony with each other to provide the absolute protection against concussions.

The top layer, named the “Lode Shell” will be responsible for absorbing the impact by deforming a particular part of the helmet. You can consider it as a bumper in a fender bender. This same technology has long been implemented in the auto industry but this is the first time that this technology will debut in a football helmet.

The second layer, called the “Core Layer” is a considered to be a masterpiece of medicine, sport and engineering. The Core Layer, which utilizes a highly-engineered column like formations, that are capable of bending and buckling in all directions to lessen the linear and rotational forces.

Next to the Core Layer is the “Arch Shell.” The Arch Shell serves as the interior of the helmet which is designed to fit perfectly to a player’s aspect ratio (the relationship between the player’s head length and breadth).

The last layer, called the “Form Liner” is the final layer that is specially designed to work accordingly with the Arch Shell which will allow the helmet to fit perfectly to a player’s head and to conform to the head topography, making sure that the pressure will be distributed all over the head equally. Aside from the layers that makes up Zero1, the helmet also boasts its Axis Fit System which is the one responsible for keeping everything together.

Zero1 is developed in a plain and simple way but with utmost perfection in mind to assure a better protection against concussions. As of now, the helmet is still going through various tests, most especially the concussion protection tests. Zero1 has to gain a five-star score before it can be approved to be used by the players. But even a helmet with a five-star rating cannot be completely considered as concussion-proof, because as long as players who play in contact sports they are still exposed to head injuries.